Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation Response to the Coronavirus

COVID-19 Updates for March 18,2020

Dear Believe In Tomorrow Families, Volunteers and Friends,

The next several weeks, and perhaps even months ahead, will certainly be a major challenge for all of us. With the rapidly evolving effect that COVID-19 is having in the world we live in, it is understandable that there may be serious concerns about traveling to a Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation Pediatric Hospital or Respite House facility. I want to provide you with some of the most recent steps that we have taken. In our effort to do everything we can to make a positive difference throughout this pandemic, I am asking for your help and cooperation in regards to the precautions we are implementing at the Children’s House at Johns Hopkins and all of our residential housing programs. Thank you so much for your help. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Our Top Priority at this Point in Time

Our highest priority is to the immediate safety and well-being of the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins (TCHJH) families that we serve, our many volunteers, and our TCHJH staff. We are in close communication with medical professionals at Johns Hopkins, and we are receiving regular updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and State of Maryland government agencies, in order to stay on top of this rapidly changing situation. Current reports suggest that the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 is moderate to high, and for that reason we have taken a number of extra precautions that pertain to the Children’s House at Johns Hopkins.

Effective Immediately

  • At this point in time, March 18th, 2020, we are not accepting any referrals except those that are deemed most urgent based on medical condition of the patient.
  • TCHJH is limiting the number of families that can stay within the Children’s House. Self-referrals are no longer accepted from families who have stayed there before.
  • TCHJH staff may at their discretion ask any family member to participate in a thermal body temperature scan of their forehead, and/or require guests to participant in a health screening survey.
  • Visitors are no longer allowed within the TCHJHuntil further notice, unless authorized by a TCHJH senior staff member.
  • We will be severely limiting the number of volunteers to those that are either providing front desk services, essential support services, or helping to clean and provide maintenance to the facilities.
  • All volunteers are subject to regular health screening questions and body temperature scans.
  • Our daily volunteer organized dinners and brunches have been discontinued until further notice.
  • We have arranged regular deliveries of food to TCHJH from local area restaurants and from a major food distributor. We are looking for additional dinner sponsors.
  • No delivery person is allowed inside of TCHJH. They must be met at the front door unless an exception is made by TCHJH staff.
  • Any TCHJH  or Believe In Tomorrow family member with flu like symptoms is being asked to immediately report themselves to their health care provider and to immediately notify TCHJH or Believe In Tomorrow staff. ***These symptoms include but are not limited to: fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Believe In Tomorrow staff will assist with making calls to JHH to arrange for a COVID-19 evaluation if deemed necessary. 
  • We have hired additional housekeeping staff that are using enhanced cleaning methods and protocols and are using anti-viral and anti-bacterial products throughout TCHJH. We are cleaning all doorknobs, railings, countertops and frequently touched surfaces multiple times throughout the day. *All Believe In Tomorrow Pediatric Respite facilities are also being treated with enhanced cleaning methods and products.
  • We are asking everyone within our Hospital and Respite Housing facilities to follow safe personal hygiene protocols at all times. Please wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Personal hand sanitizers are available from Believe In Tomorrow staff. One dispenser of Clorox or similar disinfecting wipes will be provided to each room. Please cover all coughs and sneezes and dispose of any Kleenex like products immediately. Avoid touching your face and practice safe social distancing of approximately 6 feet as recommended by the CDC. Handshakes and hugging are strongly discouraged at this time.
  • ***All Believe In Tomorrow Respite facilities have been temporarily closed and will re-open when it is deemed safe to do so.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our Children’s House at Johns Hopkins and our pediatric respite facilities as safe and as clean as possible. You have my word that we will work as hard as we can to accomplish these goals. Please do not hesitate to share with staff any suggestions or concerns that you might have.

Thank you. Together we will continue to provide a comfortable, warm, and welcoming environment to the many children and families that we serve.

Brian Morrison
Founder, President and CEO