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Ocean City Womens Council

Volunteer of the Month

September 2011

It’s always helpful to have a friendly face and an outstretched hand when you’re in an unfamiliar area. This holds true when behind you sits a stuffed-to-the-gills, waiting-to-be-unpacked car and several hungry, tired, or otherwise waiting to be entertained family members. And this is especially true for families arriving at the Believe In Tomorrow House on the Bay who are lucky enough to meet next-door neighbor Jeanne Sparacino.

Jeanne has been a neighbor of Believe In Tomorrow’s bay front property since the day it was built, and acts as the “house mom next door” for families who cross the threshold of this retreat home. Whether she invites them to crab off the end of her deck, enjoy a home-cooked meal, or simply sit down for a good chat, Jeanne has been there through thick and thin for our Believe In Tomorrow House on the Bay families.

Pam Fickel and her family made a special connection with Jeanne during their week-long stay at the bay front property. “As soon as we got there that night, she greeted us right away,” remembered Pam. “She came right over, extended her hand of friendship, and made herself available to us the whole week.” Jeanne introduced the Fickels to the neighbors and the community, and hung out on the couch to “talk Steelers” with 17-year-old Douglas when he wasn’t feeling well enough to venture out of the house. Even months after the Fickels’ departure from Ocean City, Jeanne still keeps in touch with the family, whom they call their “one of a kind sweetheart.”

Jeanne, or “Auntie Jeanne” as she came to be called, bonded with another Believe In Tomorrow family this past summer. Six-year-old Kalia Briales has always been very quiet and shy, but according to mom Maria, “all of a sudden she was just talking to Auntie Jeanne, going in and out of her house all the time!” Jeanne held a barbecue for the Briales family and invited them to join her at the beach and the pool throughout the week. She spent time with Kalia and her three sisters, doing art projects, reading stories, and painting seashells to decorate the house. Maria said, “She has a lot of patience with kids and is such a caring person. We had a great time with her.”

Thank you, (Auntie) Jeanne, from the bottom of our hearts, for your constant support and friendship towards our Believe In Tomorrow families!!




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