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Ocean City Womens Council

Volunteer of the Month

April 2012

At the 2011 Port to Fort 6k race, it was hard to miss the sea of orange that flooded the race course and was accompanied by cheers and laughter from start to finish. The sea was made up of none other than dozens of associates from our title sponsor, Home Depot! Over 150 employees from more than 20 different stores came out on race day, decked out in bright orange Team Depot shirts, and ended up claiming the award for Largest Corporate Team in 2011!

A smaller sea of orange has recently visited the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins to host Home Depot Kids Workshops. Associates from different stores have put together these fun workshops over the past year, engaging with children and families who are staying at the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House by doing crafts and activities together, complete with an orange Home Depot apron for every participant!

“Giving back is one of our core values at The Home Depot,” says Jen Hommerbocker, of Store 2581 in Sykesville, MD. “Being able to give back to families at the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House is part of what we do. To be able to make the kids smile and take their minds off of what they are going through for an hour or two while we are there building the kits, makes our day!”

Home Depot’s support of Believe In Tomorrow goes back 20+ years ago, when we looked to the community for help in completing the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins in the early 1990s. Home Depot stepped up with the necessary building materials to help us get the job done, but they wanted to do more. And poof! …the annual Port to Fort 6k race was born, with Home Depot as the title sponsor each year!

Brendino's Pit CrewAs our housing programs have expanded over the years, Home Depot never hesitates to lend a hand (or a few 2x4s) to complete a project. Not only that, but they have also extended their partnership with Bell Nursery – the main supplier of Home Depot’s plants and flowers – to Believe In Tomorrow. Bell Nursery has helped complete the gardens at the Believe In Tomorrow House By The Sea in Ocean City, MD with bright flowers and unique plants, catching the eye of every child and adult who stays for a beach respite. Additionally, Bell Nursery joins Home Depot as a sponsor of Port to Fort each year by providing potted flowers and gorgeous plants for race participants. It’s not every day you run a 6k race and come home with an addition for your garden!

Team Depot is back in full force again this year to defend their title as the 2011 Largest Corporate Team. With still a month to go until race day, they are already making some serious headway on last year’s team numbers…will they hold the reigning title for two years straight!?

Home Depot has been such an unwavering supporter of Believe In Tomorrow over the years that we certainly would not be where we are today without them. There might be beams and walls missing from our housing facilities, empty and sad gardens at the beach, and a whole lot less runners at the Port to Fort race. For this, and for so many other acts of volunteerism, we thank you, Home Depot!!




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