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Fix it!

The Lane Company

Volunteer of the Month

April 2011

No, it’s not a service ad for some can-do-all, mister fix-it company. Meet The Boys, Bill Long, Richard Neiman, and Hank Meixner, three of our most dedicated Believe In Tomorrow volunteers who can be found every Tuesday down at one of the beach respite houses on the Eastern Shore. This handy trio has been with Believe In Tomorrow for about eight years, and without them, a great number of things would not have been accomplished.

The three friends actually got started when Richard and Hank’s wives began volunteering at the Believe In Tomorrow House by the Sea. And you know that wherever wives go…husbands will follow. Before long, the three guys found themselves doing just about every kind of odd job around the houses. They can do just about everything, and if they can’t do it, they figure out how to! 

Most notably, Bill, Richard and Hank were instrumental in the construction and completion of the Believe In Tomorrow House on the Bay, under the watchful eye of Larry McDaniel. Together, they worked on the house pretty much every day, and without them the project would not have been possible. Not only do they love helping out in any way they can – including participating in annual Believe In Tomorrow events – they also love meeting the families and being able to help them out during a difficult time.  

Wayne Littleton, Program Coordinator for the Believe In Tomorrow House by the Sea, says that these three are invaluable. “They do everything here, they’re very gifted.  They can do literally do anything - they do stuff that boggles my mind!” laughs Wayne. 

Thank you, Bill, Richard and Hank, for your thousands upon thousands hours of hard work and service for Believe In Tomorrow. We could hardly imagine anything getting done without you around!




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