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Believe In Tomorrow is amazing. It gives you a chance to breathe again
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What makes us believe?

The thousands of volunteers who walk through the doors of our Believe In Tomorrow Houses to donate their services every day!  

Thanks to Believe In Tomorrow volunteers, our children and families can take one step closer to believing in tomorrow.

Interested in learning more about volunteering? Scroll through our volunteer opportunities on the right to discover ways to lend a hand right now.


We're in hot water! (...well, not really)
Hot water heater
The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins recently made a key improvement to its plumbing system with a new commercial hot water heater! The 120-gallon, 3 phase electric, high-efficiency model, is a top of the line unit, and a much-needed modification to furnish hot water for Believe In Tomorrow’s leading hospital housing facility.

This upgrade was made possible by a product donation from renowned hot water heater expert, A.O. Smith, an innovative leader in hot water solutions, and the global standard for commercial and residential hot water heaters. When presented with the opportunity to support families in the midst of medical crisis, the 140-year-old company was eager to help. The donation was facilitated every step of the way by local distributor, N.H. Yates & Company, Inc.

Believe In Tomorrow turned to longtime partner, Associated Builders & Contractors of Baltimore, to help identify a company willing to contribute the installation. Bauer Mechanical, LLC was quick to answer the call, with personalized service and professional expertise. This local family owned and operated company specializes in new installations and major renovations for hospitals, commercial properties and institutions in the Mid-Atlantic, and were the perfect fit. Vice President Jeff Bauer Sr. recognizes the importance of helping others, and went above and beyond to ensure the project was completed seamlessly.

A very special thank you to all those who contributed to making this major modification possible for our families to enjoy a hot shower at the end of a hard day!


In June 2012, the Believe In Tomorrow House at St. Casimir, our long-term hospital housing facility for pediatric bone marrow transplant patients, received a custom-designed building wrap through Signs By Tomorrow. The national sign and graphics company hosted a contest where entrants could submit a building or item of choice to receive a custom wrap, a type of advertising that covers a large surface area using a special material similar to a large, vinyl sticker.

Out of over 100 entries from around the country, the Believe In Tomorrow House at St. Casimir first made it to the top 5 nominations, and then received the most votes overall to win the contest! The wrap was designed to help spread awareness of Believe In Tomorrow's hospital housing program in a fun, childlike way, helping the building stand out in the busy Baltimore neighborhood of Canton.

Check out a video of the wrap installation, from beginning to end!

Learn more about the Believe In Tomorrow House at St. Casimir

A special thanks to Signs By Tomorrow, 3M Commercial Graphics and United Application Standards Group (UASG) for making this happen.

Unsung Heroes

Every year, Believe In Tomorrow recognizes an Unsung Hero at its Annual Benefit and Auction. This person is someone who goes beyond the boundaries of service, putting heart and soul into thoughtful and inspiring projects for the foundation. The amount of effort, time and assets this person spends makes them more than a contributor; they become part of the heartbeat of the organization and a forever friend. These are our Unsung Heroes.

2010Dave Pruitt
2009Todd Pierce, PBR (Professional Bull Rider's Association, Inc.)
2008Carl Dakes
2007David Amick
2006Sean Sites
2005Patrick "Scunny" McCusker

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