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Boat Ride in Ocean City



Believe In Tomorrow family enjoying an afternoon on the beach.

The Inglese Boys

Family Stories

Family Story: Robby Griesmyer

There's a reason why the Beach Boys wrote "Catch a Wave and You're Sitting On Top of the World..."

Robby G SurfingAfter being diagnosed with Ewings' Sacroma, when he was fourteen, Robby Griesmyer, his mom Karen and his dad, Robert, rolled up their sleeves to challenge the cancer that was confronting them.  After 8 months of treatment, the family is on the other side of the diagnosis and Robby is cancer free.  Robby, who is now sixteen and a junior at Francis Scott Key High School in Carroll County, Maryland, and his family spent at week this summer at Believe In Tomorrow's House by the Sea. 

Robby G. SurfingRobby's week at the beach included fishing, golfing, playing tennis, riding the OC Rocket, biking on the boardwalk and hanging ten in the surf.  When Kai Jackson from Baltimore's WJZ's newsteam asked if Robby fell off the board his first time in the surf, he replied "Yup, but I got right back up and actually rode some waves in.  It was very cool."








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