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It’s valuable to bond with the other families.
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 By The Sea

The Believe In Tomorrow House By The Sea is located on the Atlantic Ocean.

Believe In Tomorrow House on Wisp Mountain

The Believe In Tomorrow House on Wisp Mountain is nestled in the picturesque mountains of Western Maryland.

Believe In Tomorrow House on the Bay

The Believe In Tomorrow House on the Bay provides gorgeous bayfront views.

Believe In Tomorrow House at Pinnacle Falls

The Believe In Tomorrow House at Pinnacle Falls in North Carolina is slated to open summer 2009.

Respite Housing FAQs

  1. Do I have to pay for anything while I’m on my respite?
    Your accommodations are free of charge and there are many activities that may be provided. Additionally, the facilities themselves provide a wealth of entertainment with games and other amenities. Families may enjoy various complimentary meals at each of the respites, although you will need to provide most meals. Each facility has a fully equipped kitchen and nearby restaurants for your convenience. back to top
  2. Does Believe In Tomorrow provide transportation?
    Families must provide their own transportation to our facilities. back to top
  3. How often can we visit your respite facilities?

    Eligible families are encouraged to visit our respite homes on an ongoing basis. During peak seasons, families will be scheduled for one week per year, but are encouraged to experience our respite properties throughout the year. Please contact us for more information. Visits are usually scheduled three months apart.

    The House on Wisp Mountain is a large single family facility. Families who have not yet had the opportunity to go, often fill the house.

    Various situations arise where we can fill our house during peak times with returning families.  Please contact our office to check availability, and sign up for our short-notice contact list. back to top

  4. How early can I schedule for the summer?
    In April each year, we start the process of inviting families for the peak season. We will contact eligible families who have applied and been approved for our programs. Applications are accepted all year long. back to top
  5. Do I have to request a whole week during the school year?
    No, we are flexible, so you can schedule for a weekend, several days, or a whole week, whichever works best for your family during the school year. back to top
  6. Who can stay at the respite?

    Our respite housing is provided for immediate family only.  Immediate family includes the patient, parents/legal guardians and the patient’s sibling(s).  If you are a single parent, another family member is welcome to help you that week.  Please contact us if you have another scenario with your family.
    Grandparents have been welcomed at the mountain respite provided space permits.back to top

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